E-Business Strategy

E-Business Strategy focuses on the specifics of transposing an offline or launching a new business in the online space with concomitant increase in sales and brand awareness. The elements of an E-Business Strategy are heavily research based, identifying key trends in online consumer behaviour and search analytics, with further tailoring of the strategy to take full advantage of this market intelligence.


Once the research phase is completed, the E-Business Strategy is developed, leveraging key opportunities and strengths, while combating weaknesses and threats. It is important in an E-Business Strategy to ensure clear objectives are set and a roadmap to success is followed; often results are not instant and patience is required before full benefits are realised. An E-Business strategy will often include an offline marketing strategy to run in tandem with the online elements, this combination is essential during the early phases, especially when there is an existing local client base.

What are the Benefits?


Feasibility Analysis

An effective E-Business Strategy is akin to a feasibility analysis, ensuring your product or service is ready for the online space. This prevents costly mistakes and ensures you have everything in place before committing.


Research Driven Strategy

An E-Business Strategy is not hit and miss; it is based upon market intelligence and analytical data. This ensures your move into the online space is based on fact, not guesswork or hope.


Latest Trends

An E-Business Strategy will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors; an essential part of an E-Business Strategy is a competitor analysis, allowing you to see what they did right and wrong. You are always up-to-date with the latest trends and this will allow you to compete effectively.


Roadmap to Success

An E-Business Strategy will give you a roadmap to success; a detailed plan of action and implementation allowing you to progress into the online space in a structured, cost-efffective and safe manner.