Automated Data extraction/Web scraping Services

Web scraping or data extraction is also referred to as “crawling” or “web scraping”. Web scraping  is the process of pulling information or content from disparate websites and organising this data to your requirements, whether it be in a form that allows it to be displayed on a website or used for offline purposes.

..Automated Data Collection..

Some clients need to collect data on a scheduled basis or on-demand. If you need to monitor a specific website (or multiple websites)  data as it changes over time web scraping can is whaat you need.

Different industires both large and small have instances where they need to record and track data as it changes. Automatically collecting data on a scheduled basis might allow you to determine trends, watch for patterns, or even predict how data will change in the future. Regardless of your needs, we can organise your scraping to mine the data you need and can record the information to a spreadsheet or database so that you can cut it up to your needs.

Examples of automated data collection include:

  • Monitor mortgage rates from several lending companies on a daily basis
  • Automatically collect stock price data on your favorite companies
  • Capture web pages on a daily basis to watch for changes

Once we set up a specific site it can crawl through the web pages, extracting out data such as stock quotes, mortgage rates, or travel itineraries.

A common use is to set it up to scrape multiple web sites for information, insert that information into a database, then allow it to be searched via a web interface. This is commonly known as “meta-searching”.

Examples of web site scraping include:

* Create a web site that allows users to search for travel rates from multiple web sites in real time
* Scrape web sites containing products you’d like to sell as an affiliate, then upload that information to your own web site
* Mine text headlines from a news web site in order to create RSS feeds

How much does the service costs?

The cost for web scraping is split into two components and this cost may vary depending upon the complexity of the target websites. One component deals with the development part and the other with data collection.

Our scraper scripts are highly optimized to be able to capture large amounts of data very quickly.

In general, a script will take about 1 week to setup and will generally cost about $300 (an average). Its from our vast experience building scrapers for all sorts of websites that we now have a matured scraping library which can deliver huge amounts of data at a very nominal cost. e.g. we can run an instance of a scraper script which can easily download about 5,00,000 records from a website in a week and this only costs about $500 per month.

For our monthly scraping contracts, we monitor the scraping scripts and ensure that they are running continuously without any issues. If the underlying websites make any changes in the markup which causes problems for the scraping scripts, we correct the scraping scripts as soon as possible (there is no separate cost for this maintenance work and is included in the monthly cost). We also provide you reporting at an interval mentioned by you with progress of data collection.

How frequently can i get data?

The frequency large depends upon the size of data that you need, if your target website has say 100,000 or 200,000 records, we can give you this data twice every week. That is the kind of services we offer.

How can we be assured that the data i get is clean?

When we first start scraping data from new websites, the data that gets out is not 100% correct the first time (but this data is not shipped out to our clients). Scraping process has to be tuned as we find different combinations regularly. We have a process of validating data in place, where we randomly select data from the output and cross check the same on the parent website. This way we continuouly improve the quality of data that gets extracted.

Beware:The area of Web Data Mining is littered with half baked solutions, we will be completely transparent with what you can and can’t achieve.

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